Resinous Flooring

We specialize in the installation of resinous flooring. The seamless, impervious, slip-resistant surface gives it ease of maintenance in the most demanding of environments.

As a certified installer for all of the top manufacturers, Surface Renewal Systems offers unparalleled access to expertise, resources, innovation and the ability to bring it all directly to our clients.

Resinous Flooring - 2

The 3 main types of resinous flooring we install are:

Methyl Methacrylate

Methyl Methacrylate which cures in 1 hour which can drastically reduce your facility downtime. There are many different finish options from anti-slip finishes to decorative options.

Polyurethane Cement

Polyurethane Cement which is the toughest floor in the world and can withstand the most rigourous cleaning and abusive environments.


Epoxy which is a versatile finish to fit any budget. Smooth, neat coatings or decorative quartz and flake floor options.