Concrete Finishes

Your concrete surfaces are an integral part of your business that are subject to incredible amounts of abuse. Surface Renewal Systems can offer many solutions for your concrete.

  • Sealers and Clear Coatings – Protect your concrete from wear
  • Densifier-Hardeners – Permanently change your concrete to decrease its porosity and increase the shine.
  • Grinding and Polishing – We can give your concrete a high-shine salt and pepper finish or a large aggregate grind.
  • Concrete Toppings – For levelling existing concrete, we can even install polish-able concrete toppings.
  • Safety Line Marking – We offer long lasting solutions for safety line marking that won’t wear off.
  • Control Joint Filler – Flexible filler for your concrete joints to keep them clean for health and safety.
  • Crack Chasing and Repair – Stop your concrete from deteriorating.
  • Concrete Repair – If you need concrete to be refinished, whether it’s replacing a damaged section or filling.