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Surface Renewal Systems is a master installer of SRS Degadur Flooring, the floor that cures in one hour.

As a certified installer for BASF the Chemical Company, Surface Renewal Systems offers unparalleled access to far-reaching expertise, resources, and innovation, and the ability to bring it all directly to our clients.

Surface Renewal Systems offers customized flooring solutions using proven technologies. We specialize in the installation of SRS Degadur Flooring systems, which are unique in the fact that they can cure in one hour and have been in use throughout the world for over 45 years.

Advantages & Benefits of SRS Degadur Flooring

Permanent Welded Bond

A flooring system is only as good as its bond to the substrate. With every application of a Degadur flooring system, bond tests are performed just prior to the flooring system application.

This unique quality control measure, specified on every job, assures proper substrate preparation and permanent bond of the Degadur system to the substrate. Only a one hour cure system can provide this kind of permanent bond assurance.

Intercoat Chemical Bond

Intercoat chemical bond is unique to Degadur systems. Degadur flooring systems begin with a low viscosity penetrating primer. Overlay and topcoat resins are then applied.

These subsequent resin applications chemically bond together with the primer and cure to form one continuous mass, even if new Degadur resin is applied years later.

This chemical bond provides a completely welded, monolithic flooring system without cold joints, voids or pinholes.

Ease of Cleaning & Maintenance

Degadur systems are resin rich and non-porous. This creates an impervious, monolithic, seamless flooring system that liquids, dirt and impurities cannot penetrate.

Dirt and spills remain on the surface and are easily removed by most regular cleaning procedures. Cleaning costs are reduced in many environments since Degadur floors never need to be waxed or stripped.


Degadur systems provide ideal flooring solutions in both interior and exterior applications across a wide range of industries. These include pharmaceutical/health facilities, supermarkets, food processing plants, restaurants, stadiums, public facilities, industrial plants and countless other applications.


A dynamic range of colors and textures are available in Degadur systems. Proprietary pigment, flake and quartz selections, varying degrees of texture, slip resistance, and system thicknesses provide an endless array of custom design choices. This allows the design professional great flexibility to create systems that meet the most specific aesthetic, performance and application requirements.

Durability & Life Cycle Cost

The cost of products can only be determined by their performance and durability over time. Many flooring materials that appear economical in the short run provide only brief service life and then break down and/or delaminate. The cost of repairing or replacing these short lived systems can be extremely expensive in lost time and budget overruns.

Degadur systems eliminate the need for these costly repairs. They do not ravel, chalk, disintegrate, or become brittle over time. Degadur systems are UV and color stable, impact and abrasion resistant, and withstand wide temperature fluctuations. These systems are known worldwide for their long, durable service life that results in minimal life cycle costs.

Chemistry of SRS Degadur Flooring

Methacrylate Reactive Acrylics

BASF logoMethacrylate chemistry is vastly different from many other commonly used resin technologies on the market today.

Methacrylates are part of the acrylics family, sharing the same chemistry used to create everyday products, including Plexiglas, house paints, eyeglass lenses, dental materials, even medical implants, and — of course — reactive acrylic resins used as commercial and industrial flooring systems.

Methacrylate reactive resins are based on acrylic and methacrylic acid esters. This is the reason for the fast and efficient curing mechanisms of methacrylate materials. Cured resins are inherently UV stable and resistant to a variety of chemicals.

Design Options

SRS Degadur Flooring systems offer many different degrees of slip resistance — from fine to coarse — which offer additional protection against slips and falls. There are many color options available in tintable binders, colored quartz or flake systems. Broadcast, roll-on or trowel-on systems are also available, depending on application environment.


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